You want to optimize sterility testing of your finished products? Find your customized solution with the Promicol method!24
Your sterility testing of finished products is very time consuming, the time until result takes several days and you need a huge storage place to keep all the products until your analysis is done? The Promicol method will be the solution to optimize quality control of your products!
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Rapid sterility testing of finished beverages with Promicol's ATP method27
Easily optimize quality control of your products using Promicol’s microbial ATP test. Provide products to end customers at an earlier stage due to shortened time to result with lower costs and ensured traceability as well as security of the products.
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Microbial ATP Testing of Pasta Sauces and Ready-to-eat Pasta31
The Promicol system provides a rapid and reliable method for testing microbial ATP content in all different kinds of Pasta Sauces as well as ready-to-eat pasta. The 3 days pre-incubation time at 30 °C provides companies a saving of at least three days over the current traditional test methods for release of their products.
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Microbial ATP Bioluminescence Rapid Testing of Fruit and Vegetable based products25
A huge variety of fruit and vegetable based products can be analyzed with the microbial ATP method provided by Promicol. Next to the Microbial ATP Detection Test Kit for Fruit Juices several custom made solutions are available.
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Rapid Detergent Detection Kit - PRODET makes hygiene testing more reliable05
Several companies perform hygiene testing with hand held luminometers and specific swabs. These tests are based on ATP Bioluminescence and provide an indication about hygienic cleanliness. As the reaction is enzyme based it can be influenced in a negative way by several chemicals which are used for cleaning purposes. Thus, leftovers of detergents and cleaning agents might inhibit the bioluminescence reaction which will result in a false negative result of the measurement.
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